Grant dollar range: $1,000 to $10,000 USD.

Basic Eligibility:

  1. Must be a nonprofit organization with a mission of advancing animal rights or promoting veganism for animal rights
  2. Must be an organization with a diverse leadership team (preference for womxn of color/womxn/non-binary people in leadership)
  3. Must have an annual budget of less than one million dollars

Funding Priority Areas:

  1. Newer/smaller nonprofit organizations
  2. Organizations operating by and for communities of color
  3. Organizations operating in low-income communities
  4. Organizations serving womxn/womxn of color/non-binary people (with a vegan message)
  5. New initiatives that focus on gender equity in the animal rights movement
  6. Conferences that focus on gender equity in the animal rights movement

Programs we support to advance gender equity in AR:

  1. HR/policies and procedures development (for organizational inclusiveness)
  2. Board development and training
  3. Staff diversity, inclusion and equity training
  4. Professional development for womxn/womxn of color/non-binary people
  5. Farm animal advocacy (from the perspective of female animals being most exploited)
  6. AR/vegan advocacy to womxn/womxn of color/non-binary people
  7. Bringing intersectionality into AR organizations
  8. Sexual harassment training
  9. Equity training
  10. Capacity building

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